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with other Accredited DirectTrust HISPs (Health Information Service Providers) such as Cerner, Athena Health, eClinical, NextGen (Mirth), Quest Diagnostics, McKesson, and SureScripts, to name a few. Below is the DirectTrust Accredited Bundle Exchange Matrix. iShare Medical℠ remains at the top of the list with 100% compliance. Our network supports over 71,000 health care organizations, 1.3 million Direct addresses and more than 50 Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). Join iShare Medical℠ and join the widest and most interoperable Direct Protocol exchange network.
Direct Protocol interoperability

Key to the Colors:
For the square to be green both HISPs must have achieved bidirectional exchange of data. Light green squares indicate the testing was done in the last 6 months and dark green indicates the test result is older than 6 months. The dark green serves as a warning as the old tests will be removed / turned back to white. Yellow indicates that only one HISP reported successful data exchange, so the data exchange is partial. Red is a failure and white means no current data has been reported. Light grey is a new HISP who has yet to test with the counter party and dark grey does not apply as it represents the HISP testing with itself.

Key to the Score:
The score is a percentage the total of successful interoperability tests divided by the number of HISPs. Since new HISPs are being added it is possible from week to week to still be in the process of testing with a new HISP when the matrix is released, as is the case in this matrix.

The DirectTrust Interoperability Testing Matrix is updated by DirectTrust every two weeks with the results of interoperability testing between fully Accredited DirectTrust HISPs. It is possible for a HISP to drop out of 100% compliance, then return the next time the Matrix is published.